Master Lock Laminated Brass Padlock Family

“Brass bodies and cylinders provide excellent corrosion resistance”           -Master Lock

Brass is an alloy metal made from copper and zinc and is known for its resistance to corrosion unlike other metals in humid environments. In the 1980s the Master Lock Company increased there offering through product innovation to include keyed padlocks composed of laminated brass. Similar to the world’s first laminated steel padlock that Harry Soref invented and patented on April 22, 1924; the Master Lock company innovation of laminated brass padlocks was initially for marine environments.

Today, Master Lock’s Laminated Brass Padlock Family includes the following lock models:

 Non-Rekeyable Padlocks

Rekeyable Padlock

All of these models have the option of a Brass shackle for extra corrosion resistance. With the exception of the No. 8 lock, they also have the option for Master Lock’s patented BumpStop® Anti-Bump Cylinder Technology and Edge™ Key Control cylinder for enhanced security features. And because they are all keyed padlocks the standard keying options of Keyed Alike (KA), Master Keyed (MK) and Keyed Alike Master Keyed (KAMK) are available for each of these laminated brass padlocks.

Master Lock Laminated Bras Padlocks

The recommended best uses for all the laminated brass padlocks include:

In addition to marine recreation, these padlocks are ideal for land based use coastal environments. From their use on boats or ships to dock lockers at Marinas and Yacht Clubs, or even shipping containers, with the Keyed Alike option you only need one key for all your marine and maritime locks. Coast Guard and Life Guard facilities or private coastal and beach property security needs can all be met, with little worry about corrosion, by any one of the laminated brass padlocks. So if you are in need of locks that are less susceptible to the elements, the laminate brass padlock family from Master Lock might be right for you.

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