Master Lock’s ProSeries® Solid Brass Combination Padlocks

The Master Lock ProSeries® has two models of brass body combination padlocks, Master Lock No. 1175 and Master Lock No. 1177. These two resettable combination locks are designed primarily for Commercial and Industrial applications. Both of these padlock models have the set-your-own combination feature and do not require a reset tool, merely a simple motion of the shackle while unlocked as shown in the ProSeries® Resettable Combination Padlock Instructions by Master Lock. The 4-digit combination dials allow for 10,000 combination possibilities. A dust cover helps protect the large ergonomic dials and the internal locking mechanism from exposure to the elements or shop debris and provide for trouble-free operation. Master Lock Pro Series Solid Brass Combo Padlocks

The solid brass bodies on the 1175 and 1177 allow for superior resistance to corrosion. They both have a deadlocking mechanism that protects against prying, shimming and rap attacks. The models of the 1175 and 1177 pictured above all include the octagonal boron-carbide shackle for cut resistance. The 1175LHSS, 1175RS and 1175LHRS all have round stainless steel shackles. The Master Lock No. 1177 is a shrouded padlock. The shroud, covering part of the shackle, not only provides the maximum cut resistance, but also helps protect whatever the lock is secured to from attacks or cutting as well.

Recommended best use for the Master Lock 1175 and Master Lock 1177 include:

These recommendations are just that, recommendations, and should not limit your use of these ProSeries® security products in other applications. Did you know that it is possible to have these padlock models engraved? With unique or serialized numbers engraved on these padlocks you can create-your-own combinated lock system. If you are interested in creating your own lock system, but you are not familiar with lock systems or combination charts, it would be wise to contact your lock specialists who can help you with the process.

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5 thoughts on “Master Lock’s ProSeries® Solid Brass Combination Padlocks

  1. Anyone have any idea how to change the combination when the lock is in the open position but the combination is unknown??? it’s my lock, but I think the combo was changed accidentally and now I can’t work the lock any longer.

    1. In order to change the combination on any of Master Lock’s ProSeries® Solid Brass Combination Padlocks the 4-dials must be set to current combination for the padlock. There is very little chance that the combination can be ‘accidently’ changed because of the procedure for changing the combination. The shackle can only be depressed and rotated to set-your-own combination on these models if the combination is correct. Unless you have the time and patience to try all 10,000 possible combinations, you may want to just buy another lock. Be sure to take advantage of to store your combinations.

    1. Sorry to hear that. There is not much The Master Lock Company LLC could do to fix that particular problem. However, if it is not locked to anything there is a chance you could take the lock back to where you purchased it. It will be up to that individual store’s return policy, but they are not obligated by Master Lock® to accept locks with lost combinations. Once a “Set-Your-Own” Combination Lock has been reset that combination has been assigned to your lock. It is not possible for anyone to retrieve these combinations.

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