Master Lock® SafeSpace® Push Button Lock Boxes

Master Lock® is releasing new Mechanical Push Button Lock Boxes on March 1st. New model numbers 5422D, portable with hardened steel shackle, and 5423D, wall-mount. Comparable to the 5400D and 5401D models, however, the new models feature: increased storage space, push-button alpha and numeric locking mechanism with telephone keypad format, a high contrast and ergonomic open-lever allows for quick and easy door release and an internal key hanger preventing key jamming in door hinge. The solid die cast zinc body is reinforced to withstand hammer and sawing, and superior weather resistance, even under extreme weather conditions (freeze grade 5). In addition to the added benefits of ease of use and increase weather resistance, the new Master Lock® push button lock boxes offer maximum protection against attacks with superior pry and cut resistance. To enable or continue the security of restricted access go to and get a key safe.

5422D 5423D Master Lock® SafeSpace® Lock Boxes
5422D 5423D Master Lock® SafeSpace® Lock Boxes

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10 thoughts on “Master Lock® SafeSpace® Push Button Lock Boxes

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  3. Daniel D Dart

    I have a silver large lock box I tried to change combo on it and it is jammed so I cannot move the reset lever. What can I do to fix this problem thanks Dan

    1. Jane Xu

      Hi Daniel,
      Did you ever get your lock box un-jammed? I am in the same situation now. If you found a solution, please let me know. Thank you very much.

      1. Hey Jane,

        If you’re still having problems do not hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer directly at 1(800)464-2088 to discuss options on your jammed lock box!


        The Lock People

    1. If your Master Lock® Lock Box is open, you can follow the instructions in the video provided.

      If your Lock Box is closed, you can try calling the Master Lock Customer Service number between 8am and 4pm CST Monday through Friday at 800-464-2088 or if you’re a Canadian Customer: 1-800-227-9599.

  4. Maria Lugo

    I’ve lost the code for my Master Kock box. I think is model 5422D. How do I clear the lock and reset it? My master lock is closed. Trying to open it. Forgot code.

    1. So since that is a model is a set your own combination, unfortunately without knowing the existing combination, there wouldn’t be a way to reset it (for security purposes there is not a master override combination). I apologize about that.

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