Powder Coated Padlocks are BACK (& better than ever)!

Does anyone remember the extremely popular and successful Master Lock 6835 series of powder coated padlocks? These Master Lock 6835 series of powder coated padlocks came in 6 bright and bold colors for customers to be able to match them to their company colors and lockout programs. They were a big hit among customers for quite a while. Unfortunately, Master Lock discontinued the powder coated series about three years ago, and since then customers have struggled to find powder coated padlocks from any other companies online or in stores. 


We are now offering our Solid Aluminum Padlocks in a brand-new powder coated finish! The Lock People have gone above & beyond to provide customers with a brand-new powder coated option for the A1000 series that they know and love. These new and improved A1100 series padlocks come in the original Master Lock 6835 colors along with an additional 15 colors including gold, silver, and camouflage. We also offer these padlocks to be dual colored to further enhance your lockout programs. The dual color options are fully customizable and there are over 300 possible color combinations

You might be asking, what’s so great about powder coating? Well, the powder coating process has a wide variety of benefits. First and foremost, the powder coated finish creates a durable, long-lasting coat that is both protective and decorative. This provides the padlock with a thick layer of protection against corrosion, scratches, chipping, and fading. Secondly, the way in which the powder is applied to the product is more cost-effective and allows for greater material utilization. Unlike the process of painting, in which excess paint that is over sprayed can’t be collected and reused, the excess powder can be collected and recycled. Lastly, a great advantage of powder coating is that the application process is eco-friendly. It is free of any hazardous air pollutants and is one of the cleanest options on the market, unlike painted or anodized finishes. 

If any of these benefits are of interest to you, don’t hesitate to place an order for powder coated padlocks today on our website! You won’t regret it!  If you don’t see a color that you need or want, please call us at 1-800-778-2217 anytime!  

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