The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day came about? February 14th is day where people celebrate love by exchanging gifts, flowers, candy, etc. in the name of Saint Valentine. While February has been marked as a month of romance, the origin of where the traditional Valentine’s Day came from may not be known.

One of the stories suggest that when Roman Emperor Claudius II declared that marriage was to be outlawed for young men, since he felt they were better soldiers than those who had wives and families, Saint Valentine still secretly wed young people as an act of defiance to Emperor Claudius II. Valentine was ordered to death after the Emperor realized that Valentine was disobeying his orders.

Other stories suggest that while Valentine was held in imprisonment, he wrote a love letter to a young girl who had visited him and signed the letter “From your Valentine”, thus creating the secret admirer and love aspect of Valentine’s Day. Despite which story may be true, I think we can all agree that the best day is the day after Valentines Day, February 15th, when all the candy will be 50% off 😊.

Despite which story you believe for the origin of Valentine’s Day, we hope that you all have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!!


Reference: Staff. 2009. History of Valentine’s Day.

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