Holiday Travel Safety

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With the holiday season quickly making its way upon us, we would like to express the importance of not only protecting your belongings while traveling during this holiday season, but also keeping your home, pets, and personal information safe as well while you are away.

Here are some tips to keep in mind, and some products to help provide added safety:

  • Social media is a great way to stay connected to others; however, oversharing can sometimes be dangerous. If you are going out of town, it is best to refrain from updating your location and/or agenda on social media to avoid having others use this information to target your vacant home.


  • Never leave your luggage unattended, and protect your luggage with a TSA-approved lock. Since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the right to inspect any luggage, it is important to have TSA-approved locks to provide them access and avoid having any unapproved locks cut off.

4697D Resettable TSA Lock

Model 4697D Resettable Combination TSA Travel Lock with Flexible Cable Shackle:

  • Unique flexible cable resists abuse from baggage handling equipment
  • 10,000 combination possibilities
  • Easy to set & reset numeric combination
  • 4-dial combination security for keyless convenience
  • Order the model 4697D here

4696D Resettable Combination.PNG

  Model 4696D Resettable Combination TSA Travel Lock with Extended Shackle:

  • Easy to set & reset numeric combination
  • 4 dial combination security for keyless convenience
  • Extended reach, heavy duty shackle designed for equipment cases
  • 10,000 combination possibilities
  • Order the model 4696D here

  •  While it can be tempting to connect to the free Wi-Fi offered in many public locations- such as coffee shops, airports and hotels- it is never recommended to use public Wi-Fi. Personal information can be obtained by others while using an unsecured network, so instead, it is suggested to use a portable router to set up your own Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Keeping your luggage secure with a TSA-approved lock is important, and it is equally important to ensure that you lock up other essential belongings when you arrive at your hotel/destination- such as your ID, electronic devices, passports, etc.


 Model 5900D Portable Personal Safe:

  • Ideal for recreation, campus, office, travel or leisure use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Set your own combination for keyless convenience
  • Ear bud/charging cable access port
  • Shock absorbing foam lines the interior storage area
  • Order the model 5900D here


  • Be sure to monitor your credit cards and bank statements while you are travelling so that any fraudulent charges can be detected immediately.
  • Before leaving on vacation, be sure to have your mail and/or newspapers held through your local post office to avoid having an obvious sign that no one is home.
    • The post office can hold your mail from 3-30 days in a row.
    • Request a mail hold through the post office here


  • Do you have someone watching your pets or housesitting while you are away? Use one of Master Lock’s handy lock boxes to assist with keeping your keys safe, yet accessible, to those who are helping while you are out of town.

5440D Bluetooth Lock Box.PNG

 Model 5440D Bluetooth Portable Lock Box Key Safe:

  • Open and manage with your smartphone
  • Use with the FREE Master Lock Vault eLocks App for Android or IOS
  • Schedule access immediately or in the future
  • Provide permanent or temporary access
  • Use the App or web to track usage
  • Order the model 5440D here

5406D Combination Dial.PNG

Model 5406D Combination Dial Portable Lock Box Key Safe:

  • Compact portable key safe
  • Holds 1-2 keys for house or car in a convenient location
  • Portable over the door knob for convenience
  • Set your own 3-digit combination for keyless entry
  • Order the model 5406D here

5422D Push Button.PNG

Model 5422D Push Button Portable Lock Box Key Safe:

  • Set your own combination using up to 12 letters, numbers, or both
  • Large buttons for ease of use
  • Protective weather cover prevents freezing and jamming
  • Portable key safe provides secure storage of keys or access cards
  • Order the model 5422D here

5408D Portable

Model 5408D Portable Combination Lock Box Key Safe:

  • Portable mini safe
  • Compact to hold keys, cash, jewelry, and other personal items
  • Fixed combination locking mechanism for keyless convenience
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Order the model 5408D here




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