Happy Traveling with the New TSA Approved Padlocks!

4696D (2).png

Whether you’re going on a trip and flying with important documents, sending expensive equipment, or just wanting to secure your luggage; you’ve more than likely considered using a padlock to help increase your security. Keep reading to learn how the newest TSA Approved Master Lock Models can help you out!

We’ve covered this topic before, so feel free to read it HERE. However, we’ll do a quick summary on the premise of the TSA Locks as a quick refresher below.

As we know, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has the right to check our baggage; though mostly conducted with X-Ray scanning, sometimes a thorough check through is required. If your suitcase is locked, agents have no choice but to cut your padlock to get inside. However, when you use a TSA Approved Padlock agents will see the Red Diamond Logo (untitled ) and know that they can use their version of a “master key” to safely open your lock, and will re-lock your item once they have inspected it.

In recent years, Master Lock has released both Keyed and Combination TSA Approved Locks. This latest release adds some more, incredibly useful, features. All of the new models have an extended shackle, and the resettable combination feature. Choose between numerical or standard letter dials. Twin Packs are also available if you are traveling with multiple items, or have multiple points of entry.


The base model 4696D / 4696DWD is one of our favorites, the ergonomic shackle design works perfect for applications of almost any kind. View the combination dials from the cut outs on the left hand side, or the front of the dial. All of these TSA branded locks are easily resettable, offer over 10,000 combination changes, and are constructed of metal with a steel shackle. View them HERE or browse online at our website Masterlocks.com.

4696D (4)

The 4697D  / 4697DWD is another great lock; mainly because that flexible shackle allows for use with almost any luggage. Whether it’s kids luggage, carry on, or a standard suitcase – the shackles are pretty much guaranteed to thread through. Though the colors are randomly assigned, they’re fun but classy; and may even help you identify your luggage in the baggage claim. View them HERE or browse online at our website Masterlocks.com

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions – our staff would love to help clarify, build you a quote, or get an order placed! 1(800)778-2217 or help@masterlocks.com.

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