5 Reasons You Should Be Using Master Lock® Bluetooth® Lock Boxes!

Whether you’re a realtor, an AirBNB host, or you rent out your space on popular home rental sites you understand the struggle of meeting up to grant access or having to give your code to strangers. The new Bluetooth® Lock Boxes from Master Lock® will not only save you time and money, they will leave a lasting impression to your guests and clients!

  1. The Access Control is Simple and Innovative

Grant and Revoke access with the touch of a button. That’s right, you use the free Master Lock Vault® eLocks App™ to assign access. You can choose to set users with permanent access or limit guests to a night or two; in case of emergencies or unexpected plans the ability to remove access is right at your fingertips as well. Plan future visits and access accounts to save time and ensure you never forget to give your guests access. Take advantage of the technology and pull up records of who used your lock box, and the exact time it was accessed online or through your app.

  1. Impress Your Guests and Clients Right from the Start

Master Lock® recently released these items, and they’re doing great on the market. Here at The Lock People® we predict It’s only a matter of time before these are the industry standard. Communication between you and your clients may be slim, so why not make every point of contact great? Imagine the great reputation and feedback your company will get for utilizing this new tool.

  1. There Are No Hidden Fees or Unexpected Costs

Sometimes installing innovative technology can feel risky, and you may worry about hidden fees. However, both models have NO data package, NO access fees, NO activation charges, NO monthly usage fees, and NO contracts. The only cost you will have after your initial purchase is to replace the pre-installed battery. The C123A battery has an estimated life of 2 years, and your smart phone will alert you once it starts to get low.

  1. Receive Tampering Notifications for Increased Security

The Master Lock® Bluetooth® Lock Boxes have an override keypad available for guests without a smart phone or a dead battery. Email notifications and App Alerts will go out to you when your lock has experienced multiple incorrect code attempts as an added measure of security.

  1. Durable Construction with Warranty

The 5440D and the 54401D are both constructed of solid body material with a protective coating to prevent scratches or damages, and are weather resistant up to -40 degrees. The bodies are 2.1in (83mm) x 2.3in (59mm) to allow the storage of multiple keys, access cards, and vehicle keys. The Portable Box (5440D) has a removeable shackle managed by the app, and the Wall Mounted Box (54401D) can be installed stationary for long term use. Each lock comes with a Limited One Year Warranty.

Overall, all of us here at The Lock People® love the new lock boxes. Find the products online or follow these links:

5440D – Portable Bluetooth Lock Box

5441D – Portable Bluetooth Wall Mount Lock Box

Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions, or build you a custom bulk quote.

Please contact us at 1(800)778-2217 or via email at help@masterlocks.com

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