Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe

Pool Security Title As the weather warms up it’s important to check each safety point involving your pool – including your gates, chemical storage shed, and even your pool toys. Your pool may be tempting to young children under 5, your teenager’s friends, and more. In this post, we’ll cover ways to update the security of your property for this upcoming summer!

It is important to review the pool safety regulations for your state and county, and follow all procedures and tips involving gates, alarms, and lock out as needed.

Starting out we would like to cover our favorite locks to use on your gate. Don’t worry, each of our selections are either made of brass or have a weatherproof coating to prevent rusting from wet pool hands or splashing water. Note we didn’t add any combination locks in here; as younger family members or their friends may gain unwarranted access to your pool. 

Each selection has an extended shackle of 1-1/2”, our customer service team at The Lock People® agrees that a longer shackle makes it easier to maneuver the lock to insert your key. Each lock can be Keyed Alike or Keyed Different depending on your application.

6830LF – This brass lock has a 6mm wide shackle, the thinnest of the three choices, to fit most applications. As well, it contains a Dual ball locking mechanism to resist pulling and prying, and features a high security 5-pin cylinder that’s virtually impossible to pick.

M115KALF – The Rust-Oleum® certified cover protects the dual ball bearing laminated steel core, and the 4 pin cylinder for increased security. The addition of the 8mm Tough-Cut™ octagonal boron-carbide will give you peace of mind, as it is 50% harder than hardened steel.

2LF – The laminated brass model will keep your gate secure with its 8mm hardened steel shackle, and the non-rekeyable 4 pin cylinder will prevent picking. The Master Lock laminated padlock line is one of the most used, and publicly trusted line.


The Lock People® understand the pool is about more than security, fences, chemicals, and other adult-stuff. After all, we are talking about the pool! Have peace of mind in buying new floaties, pool rings, and more knowing you can safely secure them from the wind or any underage pool visitors.

The use of cables has risen in popularity, as it’s an affordable way to guarantee your items stay grouped together and right where you’d like them. Stringing your toys through either of these cables will ensure your items aren’t blown away by the wind, lost, or stolen. Keep reading to learn about the specifications on both.

8413DPF – This Python® Adjustable Cable Lock will allow you to change the length of the loops to keep items as loose, or as taut as you’d like. These cables come in multiple lengths, so feel free to choose the length that makes sense to your application. Since there is no loop, the end will feed through almost any handle or loopy, and the vinyl coated braided steel will ensure it stays there.

78DPF – Consider this option if you’re looking to apply your own lock! Choose a combination, or maybe utilize a keyed alike set from another application for 1 key convenience. This 6’ braided steel with vinyl coated lock is great for other applications around the house or garage outside of pool season. 

To wrap it all up we wanted to mention two of our favorite locks for securing any sheds or storage units you may have in your yard. Whether these units contain pool chemicals, storage boxes, or yard items it’s important to lock up your belongings when you will have visitors in your yard to swim.

It’s easy to browse our website to find the perfect lock to lock up your outdoor shed, but these two models are some of our most popular outdoor locks.

6121– The ProSeries® Weather Tough® Covered Laminated Padlock will ensure your items stay locked up, just the way you want them to be. Designed for industrial applications the heavy steel body protects against physical attacks, and the 8mm hardened boron alloy shackle will prevent cutting. The high security 5 pin cylinder is virtually impossible to pick.

1175LH – This resettable combination lock features a 10mm octagonal shackle to prevent cutting, while the deadlocking mechanism prevents prying, shimming, and rap attacks. Also featured with this lock is a shackle seal and dial cover to keep out any lawn clippings, dust, or debris. No reset tool is required to change the 4 dial combination to any of the 10,000 choices available to you.

Visit our website for more information on specifications of each item. Clicking the model number will send you directly to the product page. 

A friendly agent is more than happy to help you find the perfect match for your application, or answer any questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1 (800) 778 – 2217.

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