Portable Lock Boxes & Key Safes

title_graphicLock boxes for keys are generally grouped with realtors, however, almost anybody can take advantage of their benefits. With a lock box / key safe you can provide third parties with a combination, rather than providing multiple keys that may be used without your knowledge. Displaying your lockbox when expecting guests is safer than keys floating around to be used at random. Below we’ll cover new ways to use the boxes, and then go on to show some of our favorites.

As The Lock People ®, we hear interesting ways people use our products all the time. Some of our favorites are the inventive ways to use portable lock boxes, and we wanted to share these tips with our readers!

After one customer’s kid lost around 5 house keys, she decided to use a lock box to solve the problem! She had her kid choose a code easily remembered and they used the stored key when coming home from school, once the parents were home they would replace the lock in the box.
Another customer has a lock box that only has the key inside when she is at work or out of town, this allows her pet sitters to come in and retrieve food for her pups and take them out without handing over a copy to either multiple workers or a teenager.
Some people keep a spare in their yard locked away, which allows them to text the code/location of the box to either their neighbors or family in case of an emergency when a keyholder is nowhere near!
Other cases include giving the gardener a code for the gate/shed key, storing an extra car key in the garage locked up so it does not get lost, and many many more. Comment below with your creative way to use a Master Lock Portable Lock Box.

Now we’ll continue to introduce the most popular purchases made from The Lock People®!


The 5406D is one of our most popular portable lock boxes, and is the typical go to for residential use; storing 1-2 house keys, or a car key. The box comes with a flexible cover that protects the combination dials from weather, dirt and grime; and its vinyl coated shackle prevents scratching on your door. The 5406D has 3 dials that allow you to Set Your Own Combination.


The 5400D is most commonly purchased by realtors, but is still actively used in residential settings. This box has internal dimensions of 3-1/2” x 2-3/4” x 1” making it perfect for multiple keys, access cards, and other small items. This box also includes the flexible cover that protects the combination dials, and has the vinyl shackle coating to protect your door. Lastly, the 5400D is a set your own combination with 4 dials.


   The 5401D is great for permanent applications, such as the side of your house or in your garage. The box has large internal dimensions of 3-1/4” x 2-1/4” x 1” to store keys, car keys, or access cards. The protective weather cover keeps items safe from outdoor conditions such as rain or snow. The 5401D is a set your own combination lock with 4 dials.


The 5424D is a higher tech model, providing glowing combination dials as well as a removable shackle for easy application. The battery is easy to replace, and the weather cover protects your dials. These are popular with both realty companies and the average joe who pays attention to details. The 5424D holds multiple keys or access cards. This model is a set your own combination with 4 dials.

All of these products can be purchased directly from our website , or by calling our friendly staff at 1 (800) 778 – 2217.

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