Master Lock® ProSeries® Solid Brass Padlocks

Solid Brass Edit

Featuring Master Lock No. 6840BLF

Master Lock currently manufactures three standard ProSeries® Solid Brass padlocks: Master Lock No. 6830, Master Lock No. 6840, and Master Lock No. 6850. The main difference between these padlock models is their body widths. The 6830 is the leanest, at a 1-9/16in. body width. The 6840 is in the middle, with a body width of 1-3/4in. Leaving the 6850 as the widest, with a 2in. padlock body.

Master Lock® ProSeries® Solid Brass Rekeyable Key-in-Knob Padlock

Select Solid Brass padlocks can be ordered to match your door cylinder/keyway: Master Lock No. 6831, Master Lock No. 6841, Master Lock No. 6842, Master Lock No. 6851, and  Master Lock No. 6852. Allowing you to use a single key for your home and your padlock, saving you from the hassle of carrying multiple keys.

When ordering your Key-in-Knob padlock, specify your cylinder manufacturer & your key number. If you don’t have a key number, but your cylinder is applicable, you can take your lock to a local locksmith to have it matched to your key.

Master Lock ProSeries® Key-in-Knob Solid Brass Padlock models are compatible with the following door hardware manufacturers:

Arrow®, Corbin®, Falcon®, Kwikset®, Lockwood®, Russwin®, Sargent®, Schlage®, Weiser®, and Yale®.

Best Used For

Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc; which makes these padlocks very durable. Brass padlocks are one of the most economic choices for your security needs, and due to the alloy’s durability brass padlocks are ideal for caustic, marine environments. Also, brass has a visually appealing finish that is comparable to gold.

Recommended uses include, but are not limited to:

Master Lock ProSeries®

The Master Lock Company introduced the ProSeries® line of padlocks in 1992. By creating padlocks with standard components across the line, ProSeries® padlocks are ideal for locksmiths for rekeying and maintaining.

ProSeries® padlocks all feature hardened boron alloy shackles for superior cut resistance, dual ball bearing locking mechanisms that resist pulling and prying, 5-pin & 6-pin cylinders, spool pins, and rekeyable cylinders. For multiple lock usage, ProSeries® Padlocks are easy to order Keyed Alike and Master Keyed with the correct key number.

Padlock categories featured in Master Lock ProSeries® include:

  • ProSeries® Solid Brass
  • ProSeries® Solid Steel
  • ProSeries® Solid Aluminum
  • ProSeries® Hidden Shackle
  • ProSeries® Shrouded
  • ProSeries® Weather Tough

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