#LocksInTheWild Summer 2015 Photo Contest

Locks in the Wild

The original Locks in the Wild photo contest, back in 2012, was such a hit that we had to bring it back; and so, The Lock People® at MasterLocks.com are pleased to host another Locks in the Wild Photo Contest for Summer 2015. This time around, the contest is being hosted on social media. Details for the contest, including contest categories and prize package information, can be found at MasterLocks.com and on our Facebook Contest Page. You can enter the contest directly through our Facebook Page; or you can enter with Twitter & Instagram using our hashtag, #LocksInTheWild, to submit your Photos of Master Locks and American Locks in use.

The Lock People® have also included a weekly Facebook Fangate giveaway, as part of the contest promotion. By simply Liking The Lock People® Facebook Page, you are entered to win one of eight free Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Directional Padlocks that are being awarded each week during the contest.  You do not even need to submit a photo and participate in the contest to win one of these locks.

For the serious Locks in the Wild Photo Contest Competitors, there are four categories that to submit your photos of Master Locks and American Locks in use: General Padlock, Bike Lock, Travel/Vacation Lock and Home Security. The Bike Lock, Travel/Vacation Lock and Home Security categories each have an appropriate prize package associated with their respective category that will be awarded to the category winner at the end of the Locks in the Wild Photo Contest. All four category submissions will be eligible for the Grand Prize, a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Each week a “Best of Week” winner will be chosen to receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card. These “Best of Week” winners will still be eligible to win the Grand Prize, Home Security Prize Package, Bike Lock Prize Package or the Travel/Vacation Package. Please be sure to read the contest Official Rules before submitting your photo. Good Luck!

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