Back to School – Locker Lock Help

It may not be fall yet officially, that begins on September 22nd this year. Nearly all students have gone back to school now. For many of them, this is their first year with a locker. Be it a hallway and/or gym locker, in order to keep belongings safe, the locker will either have a built in locker lock, or latch with an eye to accept the shackle of a portable padlock to secure the locker. Either way, using a locker lock for the first time can be a very troublesome task for many students; especially with all of the pressures of a new school year and potentially even a new school.

To try and help ease the pressures of the educational institution and a new school year on students, the focus here will be how to open a locker lock.

Locker Lock Portable Padlocks

The Master Lock No. 1525 and No. 1502 are the most popular standard dial combination portable padlocks used with school lockers. The difference between the two is that the 1525 has a keyway on the back for locker lock system administration via the K1525 Control Key. Never the less, both of these padlocks are operated the same way. The instructions that appear on the combination tag, included with the lock are as follows:

  1. TO OPEN – Turn RIGHT 3 Times. Stop at the 1st number
  2. Turn Left one full turn passing the 1st number to stop at the 2nd
  3. Turn RIGHT and stop ant the 3rd number – Pull the shackle.


If you make a mistake, it is best to start over then suffer the frustration that comes with trying to correct an error.

Built-In Locker Locks

The built-in locker locks are operated in a similar fashion to the portable padlocks, except they are not removable without tools.



All Master Lock Built-In Locker Locks (with exception of the newly redesigned No. 1652) have a button on the back of the lock housing that is used by the administration to change the combination. If you over fill your locker, you run the risk of having your books and belongings pushing the button and you could accidentally change the combination to your lock and you will not be able to open your locker. If this happens, you will have to find an Administrator with access to your school’s Locker Lock Combination Chart to help you get back into your locker.

It will be very helpful to take some time and practice with your locker lock until you feel comfortable with the combination dial sequence. Once you are comfortable using your locker lock, before you know it you will be opening your locker lock like a champ.

If you have trouble remembering your combination, be sure to take advantage of the free app available at

The Lock People Google+

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