Operating the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Combination Padlock

Introduced in 2009, the World’s first directional combination padlock includes Master Lock’s patented technology that is faster, easier and more secure than a standard combination lock with anti-shim technology. The 1500iD uses directional movements of up/down/left/right to open the lock. However, many users have issues with their 1500iD. With this blog, and some help from Master Lock’s 1500iD Speed Dial™ Instructions [available in Instructions section], we are going to help answer all of the questions you may have so that you can successfully operate the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Combination Padlocks.

Locating the instruction tag with the supplied preset combination for the Master Lock 1500iD seems to be one of the more difficult issues.


Please note that the preset directional combination will vary from lock to lock, so you will want to keep your instruction tag.

To remove your 1500iD from the packaging you will need to know how to open the lock.


The instructions reiterate “IMPORTANT: ALWAYS REPEAT STEP 1 EACH TIME YOU OPEN THE LOCK!” which is the most important step that when skipped will cause any user to be unable to open their 1500iD. Whenever you are going to unlock your 1500iD, be sure to squeeze/depress the shackle TWICE before entering your directional combination and opening your lock.

Now that you have located your preset combination and successfully removed your 1500iD Combination Padlock from its display packaging, you can set-your-own directional combination.


You may want to practice with the preset combination a few times to get the hang of using the lock before you change the combination. Once you feel confident using your Master Lock 1500iD, this resettable combination padlock will allow you to set-your-own combination anytime. Most importantly, after you change the combination on your 1500iD, be sure to write down or record your new combination somewhere you won’t lose it, because no one will remember it but you. You could write it down on your instruction tag or you could also use www.MasterLockVault.com to save your combination.

Now that you are soon to be a Master Lock 1500iD Combination Padlock operational expert, here are the Master Lock recommended best uses for the Speed Dial™ directional combination padlocks:

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54 thoughts on “Operating the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Combination Padlock

  1. Wayne

    So… is there any way to test the combination you entered, before closing the shackle? If you entered it wrong, is there any way to recover?

    1. Unfortunately you cannot test a new combination before closing the shackle, nor is there a way to recover your combination if it was not entered as you intended. This is the reason why the instructions say “FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY”. Our best advice is, when you are going to reset your combination on the 1500iD, keep it simple and memorable, take advantage of http://www.MasterLockVault.com, and take your time with each directional movement, making sure that each direction you use for your new combination is pushed all of the way in that direction before moving on to the next direction.

    1. If you have reset the combination then there is nothing that can be done; which is why it is recommended by the Master Lock Co. that users take advantage of the free service available at http://www.MasterLockVault.com.
      If you have not reset the original factory combination then you will have to find the instruction tag that came with your 1500iD.

  2. I just bought this lock. I have the directions and preset combo paperwork out. For the past hour I have been trying to open the lock for the first time. I pushed down the shackle twice like instructions says and enter preset combo. NOTHING. Why it says squeeze is beyond me. Poor choice of words. Any other ideas to open this thing?

    1. There is the possibility that it could be defective.
      Give the preset combination one final try, nice and slow, with a hesitation between each direction. Make sure you go all the way in each direction. If it still does not open gather your receipt so that you can exchange it from the retailer.
      I’m with you on the word ‘squeeze’, I prefer the word ‘depress’.

  3. William Groskreutz III

    My daughter got this lock today. We struggled with opening it initially, but did manage to get it. She wrote down a new combination and then reset the original to that. Now the lock will not open. She has tried for over 30 minutes and has given up in frustration. We plan on returning the lock and getting something different.

    1. The Master Lock No. 1500iD Speed Dial™ Directional Combination Padlock is not for everyone. Some people love the 1500iD, and others struggle with it time and time again.

      The most important thing to remember is ALWAYS depress the shackle twice to make sure that you clear the lock before entering a combination. Secondly, you have to push the direction all the way, with conviction; only pushing the direction part of the way is not good enough to register with the internal mechanics of the 1500iD padlock. When you are resetting the combination, it is a good idea to take it slow, one directional movement at time, because a single mistake and the combination you set will not be the combination you think you are setting and you will be locked out of your padlock.

      Once you reset the combination, or attempt to reset the factory preset combination, there is no way to recover that combination that you set, or tried to set, which is why it is well worth your time to get comfortable using the 1500iD Padlock before you set your own combination.

  4. Lois

    A local Store just clearance a few of these 1500iD and mom purchased 2 of them. She wasn’t aware that the pre set combination was supposed to be in the instruction that were no longer on the packaging. I would like to know if there’s a way I can get a list of the pre set combinations I could try to open the lock for her.

    1. Unfortunately, the Master Lock 1500iD Speed Dial™ Padlocks are combinated randomly and no record is kept of the original, manufacturer set, combination. So it is imperative that you not lose the original combination to the lock before you set your own combination.

  5. Gaby

    I followed the instructions carefully but i still could not get it out of the packageing. I have tried so many times but it doesent work.

  6. Stephanie Coffta

    We are very disappointed with this lock. We bought it for our 9 yr. old son, and we were only able to open it once to get it off the packaging. We locked it again without resetting it, and now the preset combination won’t work. Not good!

    1. You have to make sure that you depress the shackle twice to clear the combination mechanism each and every time that you want to open the lock. You were able to get it off of the package, which means that the combination works. Be sure to take your time with each individual direction and make sure that you push the dial all the way in the designated direction before continuing entering the following directions on the combination.

    1. Make sure you put in the correct combination and with the lock open you should be able to take a normal pen or pencil to push the reset button into the R position. Your lock can not be reset unless the shackle is open.

  7. Dan Lainio

    Prest combination won’t work and yes I reset the lock by pushing down twice. The reset combo originally worked but now it won’t respond. Any idea why?

    1. Try entering in each direction slowly and cautiously, sometimes the lock can be sensitive. If it still does not open it could be a manufacturing defect and you can call Master Lock Customer Service number between 8am and 4pm CST Monday through Friday at 800-464-2088 and Canadian Customers at 1-800-227-9599.

  8. David Waterman

    I went to change my combination and did everything the instructions said and now it won’t open with the new combination or even the old one that I set. Is there a way to get it open and try to reset the combo again?

    1. If you followed the instructions correctly try pushing the shackle twice, then enter in each direction slowly and cautiously. If it still does not open it could be a manufacturing defect and you can call Master Lock Customer Service number between 8am and 4pm CST Monday through Friday at 800-464-2088 and Canadian Customers at 1-800-227-9599.

  9. Kim Wilson

    I bought 12 of these for my blind students. We have used them since September and in the last week 3 of them no longer open with the combination. These are not left open so a trickster could not have reset them. What could be happening?

    1. Sorry you had this happen to your students. Try pushing the shackle twice, then enter in each direction slowly and cautiously. If it still does not open it could be a manufacturing defect and you can call Master Lock Customer Service number between 8am and 4pm CST Monday through Friday at 800-464-2088 and Canadian Customers at 1-800-227-9599.

  10. Remember guys, if you left your combo at the factory default and the lock is worth a lot to you, you can go through every combination of four movements. For this reason, I recommend changing the length after you find the combo.

      1. April

        Is there a list of all possible combinations for this lock? I know there are something like over 7000 possibilities, but I would like to try to recover the lock that I bought (I threw away the sheet with the preset combo). I’m just looking for a list so I can start trying them when I have free time.

  11. yellowpantstime

    I just put this lock on a moving van latch and when I went to open it, the shackle doesn’t have the clearance to depress twice to ‘reset’ so I can enter my combo. Do I have ANY options?

    1. Unfortunately, it seems that the 1500id is not the correct lock for your application. If there is not enough room to depress the shackle, you do not have any options that will save the lock. We suggest next time to go with a hidden shackle padlock for van latches.

    1. As with all set-you-own combination padlocks, if you have put in your own custom combination on the 1500iD Speed Dial™ there is no way to recover the combination that you set. If the combination was never changed from the factory preset combo then you will have to find the original instructions sheet. This is why Master Lock® recommends using the Master Lock Vault® to store your combinations https://www.masterlockvault.com/

  12. I bought one and I really liked it. So, I bought two more. On one, I set the combination and it worked a couple times. A few day passed and I tried it again. The directional dialer feels a bit stuck (not so smooth movements anymore). Now the combination doesn’t work. When I depress the shackle twice to clear it before I enter the combination, it feels different. It feels like the combination is not clearing and if it can, I feel like the roughness of the directional dialer won’t work even if it did clear. I banged the dialer a couple times (after reading one person’s comments) but that did not help. Now what do I do?

    1. Hey Rob,

      I’d advise you to check out our video about the 1500iD Speed Dial Lock that is linked below.

      If you watch the video and you are still running into any problems we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly at 1 (800) 464-2088 to discuss your warranty and replacement options!

      Thank you,
      The Lock People

  13. Eva Thurman-Keup

    I neglected to follow steps 3 and 4 ( after moving the reset lever, squeeze the shackle twice to clear and then pull up to open). Is the lock completely hosed? (it doesn’t open with the new or old combination)

    1. Eva Thurman-Keup

      Ah- not hosed, you just need to do both combinations right after the other, the original followed by the new one. That opens it and then you can follow the directions correctly to reset to the new combo.

  14. I follow instructions and wen I follow code nothing it stayed lock and I can’t return it I feel like it’s a waist of money please fix it I don’t think I will buy it next year last year I had to buy an other one I thought it might be different this year but apparently no I don’t recommend buying it please fix this I’m not happy

  15. Hey, let’s say I am resetting the combination, and I accidentally enter the wrong combination(I do not move the R back or anything, as soon as I enter the combination wrong, I realise, what can I do so that I enter the combination again, clearing the old incorrect one? also, just out of curiosity, how many possible combinations are there? some say infinite(doubt it) some say 7K, I calculated 16K. just wondering.

  16. Javier O Romero

    I was wondering if the personal combo is limited to four (4) movements, one for each side only. Is it possible to creat multiple movements per side, or even skip a side altogether? I’d say this procedure may creat extra security.
    Your promt response will be appreciated.

  17. I just ordered this lock. Followed the instructions to remove the combination and indicator stickers. I didn’t receive any directions in the little drawer, only 2 sets of indicator stickers, which doesn’t help me open the lock to get it out of the packaging! I need this before Friday 3/9/18 for an inservice and it is too late to order another one. HELP!

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