Master Lock Multi-User Built-In Locker Locks

Master Lock Multi-User Built-In Locks

Master Lock introduced their new Multi-User Mechanical Locks at the Athletic Business Conference & Expo in San Diego this past week. These new built-in combination locker locks will allow a user to set their own temporary 3-digit combination for the duration of their use of a locker. Installation of these locks will eliminate the need for businesses or institutions to use combination control charts with their locker lock systems.

The 3-digit combo will allow a user to pick from any one of the 1,000 combination possibilities. Facilities will most likely use 0-0-0 as the default unlock combination for ease of use, but this still leaves the user with 999 combination possibilities. That is nearly 2 years and 9 months worth of different combinations you could use if you visit the gym every day.


Multi-User Built-In Lock Models:

  • Master Lock No. 3670 uses manual deadbolt locking and is designed for single point latch lockers. The No. 3670 can be installed on either Right or Left Hinged lockers.
  • Master Lock No. 3630 and No. 3631 use manual spring locking and are designed for standard lift handle lockers. The No. 3630 is for right hinged lockers and the No. 3631 is for left hinged lockers.

All three models provide the benefit of a secure, easy to use resettable combination lock. These locks will also include a control key for supervisory access. This control key will be a factory assigned cut specific to the lock system for the business or institution.

The recommended best uses for the Multi-User Built-In Locks included Health & Recreation Facility Lockers as well as School, Employee & Athletic Lockers. Essentially, any facility-managed locker for single use that will be used by multiple individuals will be a good fit. Which is why these lock models are constructed with a solid zinc housing, to provide durability for multiple uses on a daily basis.

These Master Lock Multi-User Built-In Lock Models will be available to order the week of December 23rd. Shipping will begin the first week of January 2014.

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