Hidden Shackle Padlocks or Hockey Puck Locks

Master Lock No. 6270 Pro Series Hidden Shackle Padlock          Hockey Puck

The National Hockey League 2014 Season officially begins next week on October 1st. So naturally this blog is going to be about ‘Hockey Puck’ padlocks. While the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the National Hockey League (NHL) formations’ predate the hidden shackle padlocks, had it not been for the 19th century Canadians adapting outdoor stick-and-ball games to accommodate sport in icy conditions, ice hockey played with skates and pucks as we know it could have been very different.

In 1970, American Lock introduced what they refer to as, “the original hidden shackle ‘Hockey Puck’ padlock”. Even those who are just moderately familiar with the sport of Ice Hockey: Olympic, Professional or otherwise, cannot mistake the shape of a hidden shackle padlock for anything other than a ‘Hockey Puck’. The greatest security advantage that the hidden shackle padlocks provide is that the lock body encases the shackle, hence the name hidden shackle. This feature can make it nearly impossible to access the shackle, so any attempts to cut or pry the lock are useless.

To get the highest level of security from a hidden shackle padlock it should be combined with the appropriate hasp. Most importantly, the hasp, or whatever you are securing a hidden shackle padlock to, must be able to accommodate the shackle dimensions and the depth within the padlock. American Lock offers these combination as an off the shelf item, whereas Master Lock does not, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot just be purchased together.

American Lock A2500 & A801 Hasp – A2500LHCI

American Lock A2001 & A801 Hasp – A801LHC

American Lock A2001 & A802 Hasp – A802LHC

American Lock A2000 & A800 Hasp – A800LHC

Master Lock Pro Series® No. 6270 and No. 6271 are both compatible with the Master Lock 770 Hasp

For even higher security, all of the American Lock and Master Lock Hidden Shackle Padlocks can be keyed with BumpStop® cylinder technology and/or Edge™ key control. The recommended best uses for these high security locks are: garages, storage buildings, vehicles, truck doors, trailers, vans, moving trucks, commercial buildings, industrial plants, storefronts, business gates, vending machines and arcade games.

hockey puck lock  Master Lock 6271 Trailer Handle

Master Lock Puck on Van

If you use the highest level security measures with a hidden shackle ‘Hockey Puck’ padlocks and hasps, then you shouldn’t have to worry about getting scored on in the five-hole, even during the hockey season.

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