Lock Charts – Locker Lock Combination Control Charts for Business & Institutional Locker Lock Systems

Have you ever wondered why the Master Lock No. 1525 and Master Lock No. 1502 padlocks are only available as Institutional Locks? The main reason that institutional locker locks are specifically sold to educational institutions and businesses is because they are designed to meet the needs of a locker-lock system that falls under facility management. Schools may be the most common example but there are also employee locker rooms, health clubs and other institutions in need of locker-lock management systems where the facility or institution issues the portable padlock or use of the built-in lock to the user.

The Locker Lock Combination Control Charts, or simply Lock Charts, are a handy reference that allows the locker-lock system administrator or facility manager to match the combination, or supervisory override key number, to the serial number identification on the locker lock. For instance, if a new student happens to forget their locker-lock combination, the system administrator can refer to the lock combination control chart and help refresh the student’s memory. However, if this becomes a recurring issue and the student no longer has the original combination tag that came with the lock, there are blank dialing instruction tags, Master Lock No. 1500-0590 Blank Dialing Instruction Tag, on which the system administrator can handwrite the combination.

Even though the 1502 and 1500 are nearly the same standard dial combination portable padlock, the 1502 models’ serial numbers are securely stored and archived with the corresponding combination. Specifically for the purpose of a new locker-lock system setup, or to resupply the lock charts if they happen to be lost or misplaced. If a locker-lock system needs to grow, this can be accommodated with more of the appropriate model locks, built-in or portable, being added to the existing system. New lock charts will be supplied with the new locks and their new serial number rage. This is why it is important for end user registration when purchasing institutional locks, so that all the corresponding information for a locker-lock system can be stored and easily retrieved for the benefit of the school or business.

Lock Chart request forms available at LockCharts.com and MasterLocks.com. Lock Chart Sample Image from LockCharts.com.

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