ADA Inspired Portable Locker Locks

Doing the bare minimum is not the best way to succeed and give customers everything they need. Master Lock went above and beyond the Federal standards outlined in the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design”. With the understanding that not all school lockers are secured with built-in locks and the knowledge that not all ADA students’ needs would be defined by the Federal standards, Master Lock developed a series of ADA Inspired Portable Locker Locks. Designed to fist most standard lockers, the ADA Inspired portable locker locks are also designed for ease of use to those with reduced cognitive or physical abilities to be able to operate the lock on their own.

Master Lock No. 1525EZRC Simple Combos™Master Lock No. 1525ERZC Simple Combos™

Identical in look and operation to the standard Master Lock No. 1525 Institutional Locker Lock, the 1525EZRC Simple Combos™ uses specially selected combinations specific to the numbers that are printed on the combination dial. These specially selected printed number combinations, with no sub-increments, makes it easier for students with reduced cognitive abilities to recall their combo and access their standard dial combination locker lock. Just like the standard 1525 locker locks, the 1525EZRC locks also have a supervisory key override which can be keyed to match your many existing locker systems.

Master Lock No. 2076 SmoothSpin™Master Locks No. 2076 SmoothSpin™

Similar to the old Master Lock No. 2075 Sphero lock, the 2076 SmoothSpin™ has a no-grip dial allowing the user, who may have difficulty turning standard combination dials, to simply rub the no-grip dial to the proper combination and open the lock. The 2076 also includes a supervisory key override that can also be keyed to match many built-in or portable locker lock systems.

Master Lock No. 2650 PushKey™Master Lock No. 2650 PushKey™

Unlike most other padlocks, the No. 2650 PushKey™ requires no turning or tight gripping with less than 5 lbs. of force required to open. This ADA Inspired portable lock is appropriate for those with both reduced cognitive and physical abilities. The exclusive design helps guide the key directly through the keyway for a simple push to open the lock. The flared body of the lock makes it easy to hold, pull and close to secure. The 2650 includes 2 student key with the ADA Compliant oversized keyhead covers and 2 additional keys for the administration which can also be used as replacements, if needed, simply by attaching new ADA oversized keyheads.

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