Master Lock Built-In ADA Compliant Locker Locks Information

In the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design”, the United States Department of Justice set forth the following standards for Locker Locks to be deemed ADA Compliant:

  • Shall Be operable with one hand
  • Shall not require tight grasping, pinching or twisting on the wrist to operate
  • Shall have a force required to activate of 5lbs (22.2N) maximum

The standard stipulates a requirement that 5% of lockers meet these ADA specifications. Compliance for school locker accessibility to those with reduced physical abilities and/or reduced cognitive abilities are all met by both the 1600 ADA series and 1700 series with ADA option built-in locker locks with the  Master Lock 1710-43959 ADA Key Head which converts the provided cut keys to meet ADA requirements for the locker lock key. The specially designed keyhead combined with the simple lock operation is what allows the Master Lock Locker Locks to be ADA Compliant.

The Master Lock 1600 ADA series includes Master Lock’s Three-Ways-To-Open™ technology

  1. The student key for ADA users will open one individual lock that it is keyed to open
  2. The master key, for the supervising administrator will open all ADA locks in the locker system
  3. The combination dial can be used just like the non ADA 1600 series locker locks. Complete with 5 combinations for extended use of the built-in combination locker lock.

Master Lock 1636MKADA (Right-hand hinge) 1637MKADABLU (Left-hand hinge) Master Lock 1637MKADABLUMaster Lock 1636MKADA

  • For use with multi-point Latch with lift handle lockers
  • Automatic locking mechanism

Master Lock 1656MKADAGRN (Right-hand hinge) 1651MKADAPRP (Left-hand hinge)Master Lock 1651MKADAPRPMaster Lock 1656MKADAGRN

  • For use with single point horizontal latch lockers
  • Spring bolt locking mechanism

Master Lock 1676MKADARED (Right-hand hinge) 1677MKADABLU (Left-hand hinge)Master Lock 1677MKADABLUMaster Lock 1676MKADARED

  • For use with single point horizontal latch lockers
  • Deadbolt locking mechanism

Master Lock 1695MKADA (Right-hand hinge)Master Lock 1695MKADA

  • For use with Wrap-Around-Latch™ lockers


Master Lock’s 1700 series built-in key only locker locks with ADA option include the following models:

Master Lock 1710MKADAMaster Lock 1710MKADA

  • Right-hand or Left-hand locker hinge orientation acceptable
  • For use with Single-Point or Multi-point Latch Lockers
  • Manual deadbolt locking for horizontal and lift handle latch lockers

Master Lock 1714MKADAMaster Lock 1714MKADA

  • Right-hand or Left-hand locker hinge orientation acceptable
  • For use with Single-Point Latch Lockers
  • Spring bolt locking mechanism available for box and single point  latch lockers

Master Lock 1790MKADAMaster Lock 1790MKADA

  • Right-hand locker hinge orientation only
  • For use with Single-Point Wrap-Around-Latch™ lockers
  • Latch plate allows for lockers to be adapted to ADA compliance

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Disclaimer: All Patent pending technologies and Trademarks are of the Master Lock Company LLC

3 thoughts on “Master Lock Built-In ADA Compliant Locker Locks Information

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    1. Mr. Sanders,

      The Master Lock 1700 series locker locks are all built-in keyed locks. The directional portable padlocks are the 1500iD Speed Dial™ and the newer electronic 1500eDBX. If you have a 1500iD and have forgotten the combination the only way for removal is bolt cutters. If you do still have the combination then the one caveat for the 1500iD is you have to depress the shackle prior to entering the combination for a smooth release. This video may help:

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