– New Site Launch & FAQ Knowledge Management/Sharing

In case you haven’t heard yet, is upgrading. The new site will be launched this coming summer. With the new site we will be approaching the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section with a new lens. We are looking to build an information sharing, social discussion, along the lines of what most refer to as Knowledge Management. As I mentioned in the last blog, Caterpillar® introduced this for their customers back in 1999 and it has been a great success for all involved.

The driving concept behind a Knowledge Management style FAQ will be to collect the relevant information all in one convenient location for a more informative, user friendly, experience to help answer any and all padlock questions. Through general topic overviews including our most frequently asked questions, the users who engage in the knowledge sharing will be able to ask their own questions to not just be answered by The Lock People at Hodge Products, but the entire community of users. As a social discussion we will be more tribal community oriented to grab the attention of Lock Professionals and get them to engage with us, but that is not to exclude anyone from sharing any wisdom they may have for the community.

The more that we are all able to share with each other the greater a resource this will be for everyone. Those of you familiar with our current FAQ page should already be expecting the Lost my keys and Lost my combination question and answers; so I put forth this challenge to you: start thinking of any and all padlock, Master Lock®, American Lock®, questions, issues or even stories you may have so that you can share them all. Now go and spread the word; we want everyone with lock experience, consumer or professional, who may have questions or answers to be aware and actively use the knowledge tool when it becomes available. So until then, stop by for a sneak preview of what is to come with the new site. New Site Launch Promo New Site Launch Promo

Update (9 September 2013): Launches New Website

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