The Update is Here!

Last week, we told you about the updates we were working on.

Today, they are here. Over 1,500 product pages have been completely revamped, with multiple sections getting some attention.

To start, our product descriptions have been rewritten. Today, each boasts meticulous precision and clarity. Now you can browse easier than ever before, confident that the products you want are being described to you succinctly and accurately.

Next, our product overview section has been refreshed with more data, and re-engineered to present this information in the clearest manner possible. Take for example, the No. 175 from Master Lock.

After understanding the design, capabilities, and potential use cases of the 175 padlock by reading the brief description at the top of the page, you will notice a wealth of detail about the product as you scroll down.

To reiterate and expand upon the description, you are first presented with the product’s features. These bullet points are short enough to be digested quickly, but complete enough to fully communicate the product characteristics.

You will then reach the product specifications table. Here you notice that the 175’s measurements are delivered to you in both inches and millimeters, so as to not exclude anyone’s background or personal preference. Additionally, a corresponding schematic image helps you visualize the measurements and acquire a feel for the product’s proportions.

Following that, you are met with the product’s details. Though, granted, the details appear to be superficially similar in purpose to the features, most notably with their concise and bulleted form factor, upon a second look, it is clear that these two sections are in fact semantically separate, and both deserve their own place in our home. The features area of our overview is restricted to highlighting qualities that make a product stand out; by contrast, the details section contains information regarding a product that is shared by many others. That is not to diminish, however, the importance of the details area of our overview.

Next you discover a special piece of our overview: the “best used for” section. Here you find the arenas that the 175 excels at, listed for your convenience. Additionally, each element within the best used for list is hyperlinked to that specific “best used for” category. In other words, the first list item for the 175 is “Job Boxes & Gang Boxes”. Upon clicking that hyperlink, you are taken to all other products that also excel at being used with or for “Job Boxes & Gang Boxes”. So not only do you garner information about how the 175 may best be used, you also are able to detour to other products that share the 175’s use cases. In this way, our website has become more rich, connected, alive.

After digesting what the 175 is best used for, you stumble upon the FAQs, or “frequently asked questions”. This is where we have centralized all of the most popular queries regarding the No. 175 that we think you can benefit from. Perhaps most beneficial is how these question will often be greater in scope than just the 175 alone. Take, for instance, the first frequently asked question for the 175: “How can I fix a brass resettable combination lock that sticks from time to time?” This applies to not only the 175, but to all other brass resettable combination locks. Now, furthering your padlock knowledge is simply a matter of reading a quick question here and there.

Sometimes, objectivity is not enough. Because it can be difficult to buy a product solely based on hard data and specifications alone, we have also provided buyer testimonials that offer subjective, human insight into how people feel after purchasing our products. These can take the form of an anecdote, or even just a simple expression of gratitude. Whatever the case may be, these will certainly help you decide whether or not a product is right for you.

Lastly, you are shown instructive, informational, or demonstrative videos related to the product you are viewing. After a deluge of text, it helps to take a look at your product from a different angle. From a visual standpoint.

At last, the process is complete, and you have decided whether or not to buy your No. 175. Whatever your choice may be, we hope we have provided you with a simple-yet-informative, enjoyable experience. Please leave any questions or feedback you have below!

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