A Little Update

One of the most critical facets of the symbiotic relationship all healthy buyers and sellers must possess is communication. A rather general statement, yes, but the need for strong communication in the buyer-seller relationship does manifest itself in a couple of specific ways. One of the most of obvious is how the seller’s product is presented to the buyer. Lest the buyer waste his or her precious time, the product’s description must be accurate, succinct. This is what we are here to announce today.

Coming soon, MasterLocks.com will feature completely rewritten descriptions for its products. These will be short enough to allow the users quick judgment over whether or not a product is right for him or her, but long enough to delineate, with precision, the scope of a product’s use cases.

But that is not all. In addition to the rewritten descriptions, a redesigned product overview section will be arriving shortly. In order to understand our focus, it is first imperative to understand that the Web is not just a heap of static text documents; far from it in fact. The Web is an animated, visual medium, capable of rendering content dynamically by aggregating and piping data streams from a myriad of sources with marvelous ease. We, as a part of the Web, embrace this capability: the new product overview section will express to buyers information about our products that is unfit for text alone. We will provide both easy-to-digest specification charts as well as instructional and demonstrative videos, courtesy of Master Lock.

Check back soon for an updated post with the details on our launch!

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