Our Locks in the Wild Winner

Just a little over a week ago, we told you about Locks in the Wild, our first ever lock-themed photo contest. Today we are delighted to announce our winner:

Locks in the Wild Winner 2012 Winner Announcement

Andrew scored first prize, but it was a difficult decision. There were many viable choices. Andrew himself took over 300 photos!

If we are to learn only one thing from Locks in the Wild, let it be that locks are all around us: displayed on storefronts, chilling on gates, hidden in alleys, nuzzling with dumpsters. Chances are, right now, a padlock is securing something valuable very close to you.

Except the lock remains forever out of sight, never to be noticed by the very people he protects. He need no praise, reward, or ego-stroke, for he is the silent hero, the true defender of justice.

Update (16 September 2013): Locks in the Wild 2012 Pinterest Board

The Lock People Google+

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