Locks in the Wild

Locks in the Wild!

For the first time ever, we at Master Locks are hosting our very own lock-themed photo contest. The goal is to find and submit three creative photos of Master Locks in use – in the wild. The contest will run from September 28th to October 8th.

For this initial attempt, only employees may participate. Additionally, there are some rules by which we must abide:

  1. The photo must be original (taken by the submitter).
  2. The photo must be of a Master Lock.
  3. The photo must be free of Instagram, Photoshop, or any other post-shot filtering or editing software.
  4. The photo must be taken with at least a regular, point-and-shoot camera – no cell phones.

In order to sure fairness, one employee will route all of the contestants’ photos to other two employee judges. Moreover, the three involved in the routing and judging process will not be allowed to participate.

Now for perhaps the most important part of the contest: the prize! The winner will receive their photo featured in our 2013 wall calendar, plus a $250 amazon gift card.

As mentioned previously, this contest is only open to employees, but we are extremely interested in opening a succeeding contest available to everyone. Check back after October 8th for a blog post detailing the winner and some of the best photos we received!

Update (16 September 2013): You can view images from this contest on our Locks in the Wild 2012 Pinterest Board

The Lock People Google+

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