You are thankful your birthday is less than a week away. Since early June you have waited. At last the struggle is over.

You tear through the box, through all of the hand-crafted packaging swathing the newborn within. At last she rests at ease, breathing softly in your embrace. And it is under your nurturing gaze that she lets her sweet timbre be heard; oh with such resonance does that captivating chord ring. Transfixed, you spiral further and further into her bottomless Retina irises. Your MacBook Pro has arrived.

For days you lock yourself in your room – lost in beauty, enraptured by brilliance. The engineering precision is evident even down to the nanometer; excruciating meticulousness is the only path to perfection. Under its aluminum, the CPU’s soft whirs and lulling fan hums duet in delicate pianissimo, accompanying the flitting pixel dance above; only prescience can orchestrate sweet melodies and fluid choreography of that caliber, melting into rich harmony with enchanting mechanical grace. With innumerable marvelous features, it seems impossible to pick the best. 5 million pixels, all-flash storage, long-lasting battery, NVIDIA, i7, HDMI, USB 3, Thunderbolt.

* * *

A few weeks pass, and one morning, the luster looks a little duller. Naturally, concluding it ridiculous, you dismiss your perception a result of mood. Unfortunately, much to your dismay, the following day yields nothing better; rather, you notice even less sheen. Could it really be? No. Day after day you try. But in your frustration and agony you begin to demand more of someone failing to produce anything.

To think that loyal, romantic love at first sight could be eclipsed by mere boredom would have before seemed so preposterous, such a thought of heretical absurdity, that it would require absolution of the highest order. To think that it happened…well, that is too horrid to consider. Consequently, rather than repent, you repress.

Though your motivation is obligatory in nature, you still think to secure your laptop; it was by no means an inexpensive computer. So off to the store you go. Hungry, your eyes scan the listings. And then, with nothing else to thank but benevolent fortune, your eyes meet hers and it is true love reborn.

Master Lock No. 2120D Combination Computer Lock

The Master Lock 2120D is a leader in both architecture and aesthetic: a master of portability, a metallic dream. You think it unbeatable: a slick style, an engineering marvel. The 2120D is a trend-setter. Your appetite whets at the mere thought of owning the slick beast.

Once equipped, the unthinkable occurs. After so much toil, after so much despair, your MacBook emits a glint. Faint and unaccompanied, yes, but sparkle indeed it did. It appears as though your 2120D is resurrecting your MacBook.

An unfathomably pure light is summoned, and your 2120D’s true crystalline skin is revealed. Your virgin lock wields the aluminum prowess exceedingly well for its young age and inexperience. And then, as if by magic, your MacBook stands once more. Channeling their energy, the two join forces. Without even a thought, your MacBook’s former magnitude wanes against your new duo’s blinding celestial brilliance.

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