dialSpeed™: The Electronic Combination Lock

Master Lock has just recently released the most advanced combination lock ever created: the 1500eDBX dialSpeed™ electronic combination lock.

Master Lock 1500eDBX dialSpeed™ Electronic Combination Padlock

The departure from the classic single-dial combination lock design is striking upon first viewing – the new dialSpeed™ aesthetic is almost impossible to miss.

Perhaps the most obvious change to the traditional lock model is the new four-way directional interface. This is an incredible time saver, as you are no longer required to operate the lock with two hands.

You can also rest easy, for Master Lock promises you a permanent backup code for your 1500eDBX at Master Lock Vault. Other handy features include three resettable guest codes, a bundled CR2032 battery for a five-year lifespan, a boron carbide shackle for further cut resistance, and robust anti-shim technology.

It’s almost impossible not to imagine the looks you’d get from sporting such a cool cat. You can envision it now, your glorious dialSpeed™ debut: upon entering the gym scene, you see one, a mortal, fumbling with his tired 1500. After entering the incorrect combination for the fourth time, he throws it to the ground in frustration. And then he sees it: descending the golden light, you, his guardian angel, bestow upon him holiness incarnate – your extra 1500eDBX. Enlightenment.

No more fiddling with messy digits for combinations, no more squinting as you try to count the difficult-to-discern tick marks used for indicators, no more dull design. No, this is a lock built for the present. For the future.

Buy the 1500eDBX today for even greater Master Lock security and convenience, and of course to drive your gym buddies mad with envy.

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