Magnum to the Rescue!

Today we would love to share a brief anecdote from a proud Master Lock customer, Frank.

Frank owns a number of rowboats in the general NYC area. In order to secure them, he chose the M176XDLH from Master Lock. Because Frank chose combination locks, granting rowboat access to friends and others he trusted was as simple as informing them of the combination.

But one day, a friend of Frank’s returned from the boat storage area and informed him that someone had busted the locks protecting the rowboats. They were smashed so hard that the tumblers were missing. But they were still locked! Here is one of the pictures Frank took of the aftermath:

Frank's Master Lock M176XDLH

More carnage may be seen over at Frank’s photobucket page.

This unbelievable strength is a result of Master Lock’s breakthrough Magnum® technology. Magnum locks are 2x harder to cut, and 4x harder to break open!

Thanks to Master Lock, the M176XDLH, and the robust Magnum® system, Frank’s 19 rowboats remained locked up safe.

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